Announcing the Discord Wars Contest Winners in May

We officially congratulate our first wave of infinity soldiers for a well-done job. Effective from now, you will be assigned the infinity army roles.

We kickstarted the contest from 31st May 2022 to 5th June 2022, and voting took place on the Discord community channel for winner selections.

Thank you again to all members who participated and showed their love and support for the project.

There were many participants, but only the top 20 with the highest levels were selected. Let’s know our winners below:

  1. @Zado#2130  
  2. @Emelda#3698 
  3. @Joe-brens#2499 
  4. @Bambila 001#4164 
  5. @Kango#9843 
  6. @Beckkie#9947  
  7. @Hitome#0761 
  8. @Ezekiel#3582 
  9. @MinhTri#3018 
  10. @softsoph 
  11. @Bettyluv 
  12. @kincuc1710 
  13. @Coconus-Orange#8551 
  14. @Minh 2 Mí#7869 
  15. @asuquo 
  16. @Limbo Asian#7711 
  17. @Queen 🌸#5554 
  18. @inilicious 
  19. @teejayglobal1#9184 
  20. @aggie.

Kindly hop on #🔫│infinity-army and claim your rewards on our server.

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