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Huobi NFT welcome Infinity Angel and MKGAMEZIN to AMA

At 10AM on June 7, 2022 (UTC), Infinity Angel and MKGAMEZIN will have a visit to Huobi NFT's AMA to share about the project, P2E and Gamefi future, and announce the blockchain gaming market launch timeline.

Infinity Angel host AMA Huobi NFT – Huobi NFT’s newest strategic partner

Huobi NFT team AMA with Tmac on May 24, 2022. Infinity Angel will support as the event's host.

[Announcement] Infinity Angel announces a strategic partnership with Easy Trading and Six Investment

Infinity Angel informs users about reaching an agreement to cooperate with Easy Trading and Six Investment as strategic partners to bring the Infinity Angel gaming brand closer to the Gamefi community, thereby pushing the limits of blockchain gaming and metaverse interoperability.