R.Arts – Products built the brand Korea Mobile Game

R.Arts, a Korean mobile game company with more than 20 years of experience in building and developing traditional games, has officially entered the NFT game market through the integration of blockchain technology into the game platform with a product : “Infinity Angel”.

Before entering the NFT game market, R.Arts company has recorded success in a series of game projects, such as:

  • Grand Chase (2003)
  • Dark Blood (2007)
  • Road Heroes (2014)
  • Girls Magicalwar (2014)
  • Selector (2015)
  • Voodoo Rush (2015)
  • Into The Zombie (2015)
  • Payra Of The Sky (2015)
  • 12 Bots (2016)
  • XX Chess (2017)
  • I Am Strong (2018)
  • 33 Seconds (2016)
  • Dragon Raja (2016)

The company’s products are expanding globally, especially developing in the markets of Vietnam, China, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

R.Arts is still growing rapidly day by day. And with that growth rate, combined with the current explosion of powerful NFT game technology, the company is confident to build a new game world where there is an inseparable connection between game publishers and publishers. and game players. With the mission of bringing true value and preserving in-game assets for gamers, R.Arts will make this desire come true through Infinity Angel.

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