Infinity Angel signs MOU strategic cooperation agreement with MECAP

MECAP Technology Investment Fund signed a close business agreement with Infinity Angel, a blockchain game product produced by SPLabs and Red Cube (R.Arts) to accelerate Infinity Angel’s NFT business development, users community and expand the ecosystem. Taking advantage of the available user base, MECAP will help Infinity Angel reach a large number of users around the world.

In this memorandum of cooperation, the two also confirm their close cooperation in the future, specifically, both will continue to deploy and support each other to develop products that strongly apply blockchain technology in terms of diversity product types such as gamefi, Defi, web3,… to develop in line with market trends.

Through this partnership, both MECAP and Infinity Angel are confident that this partnership will prove an incredible opportunity to expand their reach around the world together.


MECAP is an investment fund that aims to generate stable and proactive profits in the long term. MECAP products include MEbot, MEfarm, MEEventures and MEacademy. Before Infinity Angel, MECAP signed cooperation agreements with Gameon, Karastar,… MECAP aims to build an intelligent, complete and automatic ecosystem to improve work efficiency and reduce effort so that the participants can generate more profits.

Info Infinity Angel

Infinity Angel is a 3D MOBA online battle arena game built on the BNB combined NFT chain platform built through the ING and INC token system. Here, players can freely own characters and items that exist in the form of NFTs with many attributes, used to navigate characters with increasing difficulty and diverse P2E rewards.

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