Infinity Angel — P2E NFT action game full of vitality !

A completely different level of action game, it gives you a very realistic feeling.

Feel the Infinity Angel through intense competition, fiery battles for a real sense of excitement.

  • Diverse character system.
  • Exciting action, sexy movement.
  • Can earn while playing
  • Free Game ! Many attractive rewards are waiting for everyone.

First of all, Infinity Angel is a fun 3D MOBA game with a variety of characters. Each character has different characteristics. Let’s start with a completely free character.

In Infinity Angel, intense PVP battles help players unleash their full fighting abilities.
When you complete the game challenge, you will receive tokens and valuable items. Join now!

The game has a device compatible with the minions in the game.
These characters or equipment can all be traded on the NFT marketplace.

Infinity Angel roadmap updated with long-term plan.

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