Infinity Angel is an AA game product from R.Arts – a famous Korean mobile game production company. With a horizontal screen MOBA that focuses on PVP and E-sport in addition to the PVE game mode of the Endless RPG genre, Infinity Angel offers a unique simulation world, players transform into Angel warriors. Get the best equipment to increase your fighting power, experience a fascinating battlefield feeling right on your phone.

The system of warriors combines diverse equipment

Infinity Angel owns a system of 5 Angel warriors of different role classes:

  • Alice: Close-quarters Angels
  • Ceci: Light Shooter
  • Bestie: Overpowered Tanker
  • Emily: Controlled Magic
  • Dasha: Technology Angels

Players can start with a free Angel to experience. Angel’s power increases significantly when owning a set of skins with different power stats.

A special auxiliary element that helps warriors collect a lot of resources in battles is minions.

The fights were extremely tense and dramatic. Each warrior uses their own unique weapons and abilities to maximize their power, conquer challenges, create their own ways to win, and seek rewards.

Gameplay combining skills

Different maps and game modes need different tactics, fighting skills are very important.

Players will be able to participate in battles with a variety of combat modes such as PVE, PVP and Boss Raid.

PVE: Players participating in PVE battles defeat monsters to accumulate EXP and earn rewards.

PVP: Includes 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3. In these team battles, in addition to the power from the skin, the skill is an important factor in deciding the victory or defeat for all warriors in the team.

Boss Raid: The most dramatic battle of Infinity Angel when team 4 warriors challenges the Boss. The power of the Boss is very strong, the Angel squad must promote its full strength and fighting techniques to be able to win.

Especially, after joining the battle, players can deposit Angel NFT into R-I up to 3 hours a day to collect INC rewards.

Graphics and sound attractive

Through the advanced 3D graphics platform, the Infinity Angel space is realistic, large with sharp environmental effects. The system of 5 Angel warriors possesses unique features, combining skins and minions with eye-catching shapes and unique techniques, bringing a satisfying visual experience to gamers.

Special attention is paid to game sound effects. The sounds in the battles, each action creates a real sense of attraction for the player.

👉 See more battles Infinity Angel here.

Infinity Angel not only provides an authentic battle arena game experience, but also helps the community to profit from its battle participation through the Play-to-Earn mechanism.

Welcome the official launch of Infinity Angel scheduled for Q3 2022, the community follow special events in:

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