Infinity Angel becomes Strategic Partner of MKGAMEZIN

Recently, in the list of Top Strategic Partners of Infinity Angel has officially added Korea’s top 1 media unit MKGAMEZIN. Starting now, with its experience and available resources, MKGAMEZIN will support Infinity Angel in communicating the NFT game brand to the global communities .

With the goal of becoming the largest NFT blockchain space game, Infinity Angel will be the perfect project to complement MKGAMEZIN’s successful media support portfolio. This is the main media plan to help Infinity Angel become the world’s “blockbuster” game.


MKGAMEZIN, a gaming media company under Korea Top 1 financial and economic media unit Maekyung Media Group ( Since its establishment, MKGAMEZIN has always been on the list of Korea’s leading gaming media units with a quick grasp of market trends, art and entertainment, especially the booming gamefi field. And recently, MKGAMEZIN has officially entered the NFT blockchain market with consulting, investing and supporting blockchain projects to achieve long-term success.

Infinity Angel Information

In Infinity Angel, the blockchain-based 3D MOBA online battle arena incorporating NFT is built through the ING and INC token system. Players can freely own characters and items that exist in the form of NFTs with many attributes, used to navigate the character with increased difficulty and diverse P2E rewards.

SPLabs is in charge of publishing and Red Cube (A.rarts) is in charge of Game development Infinity Angel, a company that simultaneously provides services including software engineering, consulting services, and support for global businesses to embrace innovation, devise growth strategies in line with the development trend of global technology. In addition, SPLabs designs a specialized service platform through blockchain technology to serve the purpose of comprehensive support from digital consulting, converting ideas into tangible solutions, and innovating services. approach new technology trends while supporting, promoting and connecting with leading VC for projects on Blockchain, gaming, Metaverse,….

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