Infinity Angel announces strategic partnership BK Foundation

Infinity Angel is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with BK Foundation, the largest partner of BTC Holding Company, formerly the parent company of leading Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. This partnership will help both parties achieve greater results in the Gamefi sector and also in the NFT market.

NFT is the future of the game technology industry in particular and the cryptocurrency market in general. Every day, interest in NFT grows exponentially. Through this partnership with the BK Foundation, Infinity Angel plans to build a diverse and valuable world of NFT items on the GameFi ecosystem. This gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the NFT game, own and control a variety of Angels from strength to skills, diverse equipment systems (Tier, Minion, Skin), search for rewards ING and INC tokens or buy NFTs through the marketplace.

In this partnership, BK Foundation will leverage its experiences and resources to support Infinity Angel as a strategic partner supporting Infinity Angel in market construction and development.

BK Foundation is a leading Korean corporation, specializing in providing software technology in many countries around the world. By connecting experts and projects, BK Foundation will greatly support Infinity Angel in enhancing brand awareness and developing technology.

About BK Foundation

BK Foundation focuses on blockchain technology and the worldwide cryptocurrency market. Through supporting and connecting experts with potential technology projects, BK Foundation is currently the leading Korean conglomerate with a 50% stake in BTC Holding Company, the parent company of Bithumb Korea.

Korean media reported that BK Foundation cooperates with SPLabs — A technology company specializing in consulting, strategic investment, comprehensive incubate support in technology, finance, marketing and connecting with leading VC for projects about gaming, metaverse and launching, is the publisher of Infinity Angel.

About Infinity Angel

In Infinity Angel, the 3D MOBA online battle arena based on the BNB chain and NFT platform is built through the ING and INC token system. Players can freely own characters and items that exist in the form of NFTs with many attributes, used to navigate the character with increased difficulty and diverse P2E rewards.

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