Infinity Angel announces incubator partner Faraland (Moon Knight Labs)

Faraland, the NFT based online role-playing game series under the leading blockchain game company Moon Knight Labs, will use its resources to help Infinity Angel bring a 3D MOBA action game combined with NFT P2E to GameFi.

Infinity Angel — the 3D Moba online battle arena game combined with NFT P2E is going to the final stage to officially launch the community in Q2 2022. Throughout this process, Infinity Angel has received enthusiastic support from Faraland.

Faraland is built from Moon Knight Labs, a strongly technology-driven investment consulting and support company. They focus on consulting and development services for startups, potential projects in the cryptocurrency market. Before incubator partner Infinity Angel, Moonknight Labs was extremely successful in incubating P2E games like Bemil, Elemon,…

Currently, Faraland is one of the most popular and attractive P2E games. With the number of discord members over 4,000 users, official communication channels such as telegram over 90,000 users and twitter up to 118,000 users, the game is considered a project with appropriate communication activities, collecting quality customer files. , developing at the same time in both investment and entertainment directions.

Having accumulated experience with many incubators, incubators and mentoring tasks, now, when incubator P2E games, Moon Knight Labs believes that the new generation game Infinity Angel will bring a step forward. significantly for the increasingly diverse and growing GameFi industry. Moon Knight Labs considers Infinity Angel to be not only a Free to Play (F2P) but also a potential game for Play To Earn (P2E) matching. Moon Knight Labs will support Infinity Angel in product development and global branding consulting.

Experience the world of Infinity Angel

In Infinity Angel, the 3D MOBA online battle arena is built on a blockchain platform incorporating NFT built through the ING and INC token system. Players can freely own characters and items that exist in the form of NFTs with many attributes, used to navigate the character with increased difficulty and diverse P2E rewards.

Infinity Angel co-published by SPLabs, a company that simultaneously provides services including software engineering, consulting services, and support for global businesses to embrace innovation, devise growth strategies in line with the development trend of global technology. In addition, SPLabs designs a specialized service platform through blockchain technology to serve the purpose of comprehensive support from digital consulting, converting ideas into tangible solutions, and innovating services to approach new technology trends while supporting promotion and connection with leading VC for projects on Blockchain, gaming, Metaverse, ….

Information that SPLabs is a strategic partner with Faraland is reported here by Korean media
SPLabs, 파라랜드 MOU 체결

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