Huobi NFT welcome Infinity Angel and MKGAMEZIN to AMA

At 10AM on June 7, 2022 (UTC), Infinity Angel and MKGAMEZIN will have a visit to Huobi NFT’s AMA to share about the project, P2E and Gamefi future, and announce the blockchain gaming market launch timeline.

The AMA event with an attractive reward of $ 100 worth of ING tokens will take place on the Huobi NFT Telegram channel.

On May 24, the first AMA between host Infinity Angel, Huobi NFT team and guest Tmac took place extremely successfully. At this next Huobi NFT AMA, Infinity Angel team and MKGAMEZIN will participate as guests and co-hosts of the event.

Infinity Angel is a product of SPLabs, which signed an MOU with Huobi NFT on May 26. Through this partnership, the two sides will support each other to create synergy towards the goal of building a strong P2E ecosystem.

Infinity Angel is a MOBA game product that combines Play-to-Earn mechanics from Korea. Prior to the community launch, Infinity Angel partnered with MKGAMEZIN to support the communication of the NFT game brand to the global community.

After announcing the partnership with Huobi NFT, Infinity Angel continued to come to Huobi NFT’s AMA with the presence of MKGAMEZIN CEO, Mr. Ahn Hee Chan to share about the future direction of the project. This event is the next step for the cooperation relationship between Infinity Angel and Huobi NFT, bringing more practical benefits to both parties.

🏆 About Huobi NFT 🏆

Huobi NFT is the product of the strong Huobi ecosystem. With the existing experience and prestige in the cryptocurrency market, Huobi NFT will accompany Infinity Angel in the coming periods, conquering each important milestone in the common goal that both of them aim for.

🏆 About Infinity Angel 🏆

Infinity Angel is a MOBA game that combines Play-to-Earn mechanics from Korea. In a world of vivid 3D graphics, players use their Angel NFT in a variety of ways, from equipping powerful weapons or unique costumes in fiery battles, competing against each other for rewards. NFT items can be exchanged, bought and sold on Marketplace.


MKGAMEZIN, a game media company under the leading Korean economic and financial media group Maekyung Media Group. Since its establishment, MKGAMEZIN has always been one of the top Korean media companies in many fields, and officially entered the booming blockchain gaming market through Infinity Angel.

👉 Let’s look forward to the AMA event tomorrow!!!