From Free-to-Play to Play-to-Earn: Free-to-Earn in NFT Game Infinity Angel

The combination of gaming and blockchain technology provides an extremely fun and engaging experience while allowing players to profit in cryptocurrency. Whether you are a traditional gamer or an investor who just wants to make money, Infinity Angel is the special model for you.

🏆 How to Free-to-Play?

One of the big differentiating features between Infinity Angel and its competitors is that players don’t need to spend any money to start playing the game. Instead, we’ve designed the game to be completely accessible for free, so players can join FREE.

Similar to any traditional game, players just need to create an account, login and start playing. Players can play the game without any extra fees as long as they want and collect lots of in-game rewards in the form of tokens or items.

Players only need to spend money when they want to trade tokens or in-game items in the form of NFTs.

Not stopping at completely free entertainment, Infinity Angel allows you to find and choose valuable items in the game. But wait, how are you going to make money in Infinity Angel? That answer is Play-to-Earn.

🏆 How to Play-to-Earn?

We often hear about forms of money in blockchain such as yield farming, trading or staking, etc. But these opportunities all require certain techniques and come with inherent risks.

That’s why Infinity Angel adopts an easy, free and simple access mechanism, even for those who have never been involved in blockchain or cryptocurrency, which is Play-to-Earn.

Infinity Angel offers you the possibility of making irresistible profits through the incorporation of NFT technology. You can start with an Angel FREE (non-NFT) to play and earn in-game tokens upon reaching a certain high rank. With normal gameplay, players can participate in game experience activities to collect token INC, currency in-game Gold and Meth.

If you want faster results you upgrade your Angel, the player can grow by accumulating INC earned from activities or can speed up the process by buying NFT from boxes or markets.

💰 Earn Passive Income in Research Institute (R-I)

Anyone who owns Angel NFT can join R-I for up to 3 hours a day (reset 00:00 UT) to get more INC tokens, this is a passive form of earning to take full advantage of Angel’s features when The player stops playing game.

As $ING holder, you are holding a portion of the Infinity Angel project. These tokens are tied directly to the project, so as the project grows, its value will also increase.

Infinity Angel aims to be an engaging and dramatic game that anyone can enjoy. The project is designed with accessibility in mind that even those who have no experience with blockchain can enjoy the many benefits it offers. So whether you are a gamer or someone looking for a little exposure to the world of crypto and NFT, check out Infinity Angel today.

📋 Introduction to Infinity Angel

🏆 Infinity Angel is an AA game from Korea, with the playing genre is the horizontal screen MOBA focusing on PVP and E-sport in addition to the PVE game mode of the Endless RPG genre. With a diverse costume system of more than 100 sets of each characters and minions, in addition to the variety of tactics that can be combined from the passive skills of the skin/minion is a highlight of the game.

👉 Any user from individual to business can easily to buy, sell and trade their NFT. In the beautiful 3D Infinity Angel graphics world, players can use their NFT Angels in a variety of ways, from equipping them with powerful weapons or unique outfits in fiery, competitive battles with each other to get NFT items that can be exchanged and traded according to P2E criteria.

💥 Welcome the official launch of Infinity Angel scheduled for Q3 2022, the community follow special events in:

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