The Eras of Infinity Angel

In comparison to the traditional game, which was born more than 30 years ago, the game for money (P2E) only recently began.

Despite being around for a while, it has experienced exponential growth in both transactions and the number of users actively using it. The adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin took more than ten years. But given the current environment, it is anticipated that gamefi will gain traction much more quickly than cryptocurrency.

The team has created an exciting game that meets the needs of people by capturing the massive demand for the current NFT game and combining it with over a decade of mobile game development and production experience. Both entertainment and play are required to make money today.

We believe in the potential of Infinity Angel because:

  • Futuristic 3D graphics coupled with engaging and dynamic gameplay. The characters are thoughtfully designed, with the potential to become high-value NFT collectables.
  • Mainstream focus on tokenomics, gaming and staking through ING token to earn rewards.
  • The game offers many opportunities to earn and relax, focusing on socializing and competing with other players.
  • Support from strong advisors and partners from the blockchain gaming community (Moon Knight Labs).
  • A community led approach where the team continually builds from the community’s feedback to bring out the best in the game.

Introducing the Eras of Infinity Angel

The eras of Infinity Angel make up the project Roadmap, which shows our project’s mapped-out plan and vision. The overall road map of the game’s infinity universe consists of five (5) great eras: 

  1. Infinity Angel Era,
  2. Infinity Space Era,
  3. Infinity Metaverse Era,
  4. Infinity Activities Era, and
  5. Infinity Universal Era.

Era 1: Infinity Angel Era

Era 2: Infinity Space

  • Plot: 

The angel starts looking for and researching the cosmic accomplishments to return to that civilization once they figure out how to combat the opposition. The angels returned to the universe to investigate and reconstruct the old world.

  • Description: 

NFT systems about spacecraft, interstellar planets, and space environments are developed during this phase. The main features at this point are the angel feature system combined with spaceships, which opens up the world of the primitive universe, and the new planet discovery/mining system in the galaxy to receive NFT planets and earn tokens. Kick off the Infinity game series.

Era 3: Infinity Metaverse

  • Plot: 

The consciousness transmission stations were rebuilt after the angel rebuilt the interplanetary infrastructures. Humanity has returned to a half-life style that is both virtual and real, intertwined between the real world and the Metaverse.

  • Description: 

This infinity series’ third phase is dedicated to introducing and showcasing VR capabilities and interacting with the environment via the Metaverse. Thereby expanding the continent’s game features and a few Battle VR Arena game modes.

Era 4: Infinity Space Activities

  • Plot: 

After the Metaverse spread throughout the galaxy, a fully virtualized world was created for humanity. Everything can now be formed and completed inside of a virtual world.

  • Description: 

At this stage, concentrate on creating game modes for the infinity world in a virtual environment and introducing play2earn PVP/PVE game modes that are made and interactive in a fully VR environment.

Era 5: Infinity Universal

  • Description: 

Let the surprises drive you! Coming Soon!

About Infinity Angel

Infinity Angel is a real-time online battle arena game that combines Moba and Action elements. This game uses 3d design graphics from 3rd person perspective; in the near future, you can use VR devices to participate in combat with an extremely stimulating 1st person perspective.

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