Introducing the Infinity Angel Tokens

Infinity Angel INC token

Games are becoming an increasingly important part of human life as technology advances. Blockchain was created to help games reach new heights. With blockchain’s outstanding features such as decentralization, security, transparency, and freedom, traditional games can do things that were previously impossible.

Additionally, we believe that Infinity Angel will be a fantastic, stable, and constantly-evolving blockchain game that will give everyone in our community an equal chance to earn assets while having a blast playing it.

Infinity Angel is more than a game by taking you step by step through the colorful and lifelike Infinity Metaverse.

The goal is to make the main token a universally traded token not just for one game era, but for all of them. The token hopes to create a more diverse and colorful game universe and ecosystem, by building and developing more engaging games that exist alongside the Infinity Angel Era.

Infinity Angels has two tokens, $INC and $ING. But what are the purposes of these very significant, distinctive tokens in the Infinity Angel ecosystem?

We will dwell on $INC in this series and more about $ING in the next.

Infinity Angel Coin (INC)

Token: INC (Infinity Angel Coin)

Total supply: Unlimited

Network: BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

INC can be earned by playing the game. Once you earn them, you can claim them to your wallet.


  • Earn for participating and being ranked top in PVP, PVP Premium activities;
  • Every day NFT heroes can participate in 3 hours of research at the Research institute (R-I) to earn INC;
  • Can be used to hire heroes from other players to earn more INC at R-I.


Infinity Angel Coin (INC) is the main currency used in Infinity Angel’s operations. INC is used in the following activities:

About Infinity Angel

Infinity Angel is a real-time online battle arena game that combines Moba and Action elements. This game uses 3d design graphics with 3rd person perspective, in the near future you can use VR devices to participate in combat with an extremely stimulating 1st person perspective.

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