Hi Infinity community, we are the Infinity Angel team and we have officially announced the strategic cooperation with Huobi NFT.

Before the game is officially released, Infinity Angel would like to inform the community about the false information being spread on the market, including information about misrepresenting the truth, that the Infinity Angel team has never officially released.

The official community channels managed by Infinity Angel are listed below. If you are invited to join or create a channel with a different designation, please compare it to the channels listed below and take precautions to protect your personal property.

* Infinity Angel Official Homepage: 

* Infinity Angel Facebook –

* Infinity Angel Instagram –

* Infinity Angel Twitter –

* Infinity Angel Blog –

* Infinity Angel Youtube –

* Infinity Angel Telegram –

Some Sample Images of the Current Ongoing Scams

Pinksale Scam
Pancakeswap scam
Fake Telegram Community
Another Fake Telegram Community

Disclaimer: We are also not currently offering any IDO on coinmoon

Infinity Angel team inform all members of the following official information

1. Infinity Angel has not yet issued the Main Token, and it is expected that when it is, we will make an official announcement and make it public on the Homepage.

2. Until now, Infinity Angel has never solicited funds from individual freelance investors.

3. Infinity Angel is a game technology developed by REDCUBE and published by SPLabs.

4. The Sub Token issued by Infinity Angel is currently XING on Polygon.

(XING Contract  0x7335382f2Ee335e01301B926a60FdeC3A0c95465)

5. XING Token after IDO will be swapped into Main Token ING.

Infinity Angel has not made an official schedule announcement or mentioned any exchanges. Users should be cautious of false information that may cause property damage.

* Infinity Angel is yet to issue a Main Token. However, there is still information circulating that falsely claims Infinity Angel has issued the Main Token. Phishing occurs in the phony Telegram Infinity Angel community. Please be wary of scams.

* The contract address provided is not an official Infinity Angel Token. Please keep an eye out for scams.

* Furthermore, the Token sold on Pink Sale is not the Token of Infinity Angel.

* The legal team at Infinity Angel is taking legal action against false information that harms, affects, or misrepresents Infinity Angel.

In the near future, we will hold a variety of events in conjunction with the official launch of Infinity Angel and prepare the next steps to conduct INO, IDO, and Whitelist, with the hope of receiving enthusiastic support from users.

Please keep an eye out for the launch of Infinity Angel in the near future; Infinity Angel is grateful to members for their patience during this time!

Also, we urge the community to also assist in reporting the scam by using the template below to report the scam before the IDO is filled.

Project name:

Scam presale link:

Listing time:

Evidence of scam:

About Infinity Angel

Infinity Angel is a real-time online battle arena game that combines Moba and Action elements. This game uses 3d design graphics with 3rd person perspective; in the near future, you can use VR devices to participate in combat with an extremely stimulating 1st person perspective.

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