Infinity Angel host AMA Huobi NFT – Huobi NFT’s newest strategic partner

Huobi NFT team AMA with Tmac on May 24, 2022. Infinity Angel will support as the event’s host.

Huobi NFT is a Huobi ecosystem Web 3.0 application platform. There will be plenty of exciting things for you to come.

🎁 Rewards 🎁

10 NFT Lucky draw for Tmac x Huobi Badge NFT

👉 Fill in the Huobi ECO Wallet (HECO Chain) for a chance to receive AMA rewards in this form.

💎 Theme 💎

The one & only legendary ‘McGrady Moment’ will be immortalized as a video NFT & be exclusively auctioned on Huobi NFT

🔹 Host: Infinity Angel

🔹 Guest: Huobi NFT team với Tmac

⏰ Time ⏰

08:30 AM Tuesday, May 24, 2022 (UTC). The AMA from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

📋 Content 📋

  • First segment: Introduction with community, Interview with Tracy McGrady.
  • Second segment: Questions from AMA hosts about FAQ of this exciting and upcoming NFT auction.

🏚 Place: Infinity Angel Discord 

🏵 Language: English

👉 Condition

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🏆 Infinity Angel becomes the newest strategic partner of Huobi NFT 🏆

Through the AMA, Infinity Angel is pleased to announce that it has become Huobi NFT’s newest strategic partner in order to achieve future milestones.

The following are some of the highlights of this partnership:

  • Milestone support: Infinity Angel will receive support from Huobi NFT in order to bring NFT events closer to the Gamefi and metaverse user communities.
  • Experience the partner ecosystem: On the Huobi NFT platform, Infinity Angel will be supported by numerous exceptional NFT trading capabilities.
  • Marketing support: With a large number of users from social media channels, both projects can support each other in joint marketing activities and provide marketing advice to each other.
  • Community: Through this collaboration, Infinity Angel and Huobi NFT hope to grow their respective communities and provide optimal benefits to all NFT users.
  • Power: To help partners grow stronger, both sides will share resources in the fields of technology and NFT.

This AMA will provide an opportunity for the Infinity Angel team to connect with Huobi NFT’s large NFT community.

Remember to set aside time and space to keep up with the latest information!

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