Infinity Angel Fan Art & Memes Contest Winners

We congratulate the winners of the just concluded Fan Art & Memes Contest. Effective from now, you will be assigned the Infinity Creative roles.

The contest began on 8th June 2022 and ended on 12th June 2022, and our team selected winners.

Thank you again to everyone who took part and showed their love and support for the project.

Although there were many participants, only the top 15 with the best artworks were selected. The winners are listed below:

We want to specially 🎉congratulate🎉 our first wave of Infinity soldiers for a job well done. 

@Zado @Emelda @Joe-brens @Kango  @Hitome @MinhTri @Softsoph @kincuc1710 @Coconus-Orange @asuquo @teejayglobal1 @wisdomokoro#4173 @Dr.Sage#8991 @hiemnup @vytruongcnc

Congratulations once again and stay active for more. 

To our winners, kindly send a ‘hi’ in the infinity-creatives channel on the server, to which you will be granted access to claim your rewards.

Your rewards will be sent out within 24 hours.

We urge our new assigned members to take their roles seriously and stay active to avoid being stripped of their roles.

Congratulations once again!!!

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