Infinity Angel Discord Wars Contest

The user base of Infinity Angel has grown exponentially. We are committed to making our members have full ownership of their assets and know that their feedback, suggestions, and participation makes a difference in the growth of Infinity Angel.

Because our community is essential to the long-term viability and ecosystem development of our project, we’re announcing our efforts to involve and establish connections within our community.

Introducing Infinity Angel Discord Wars Contest

We’re getting things started with a Discord Wars Contest. This is aimed at engaging our first Infinity Army who has great enthusiasm for the project and wishes to show their support for the project and our community.

The Goal

Our primary goal is to get our community members to be more active and attain at least Level 7 on our Discord channel to be assigned the Infinity Army role. 

How to Take Part in the Contest

  • Join our Discord Community channel at 
  • Engage and Stay active on the server.
  • Attain at least Level 7 to be qualified for rewards.
  • Must be knowledgeable about Infinity Angels.

Winner Selection

Our team will select the first Top 20 users with the highest level.


The contest will last for five (5) days, starting on 31st May 2022, and ending on 5th June 2022.

Reward Pool

We have a Reward Pool of $100 USDT and 20 users will emerge as winners. The lucky winners will:

  • Share a pool of $100 $USDT,
  • Be assigned the Infinity Army role,
  • Have access to Random airdrops only in the Infinity Army channel and future rewards.

About Infinity Angel

Infinity Angel is a real-time online battle arena game that combines Moba and Action elements. This game uses 3d design graphics with 3rd person perspective, in the near future you can use VR devices to participate in combat with extremely stimulating 1st person perspective.

Know more about us on: