Infinity Angel AMA Quiz Winners Announcement🎉

Following our recent AMA session, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the AMA Quiz, which was held on our official Angel infinity Telegram Channel.

The AMA session was aimed at simply creating an avenue where issues about the project, P2E, and the future of GameFi will be extensively discussed, as well as the announcement of the blockchain gaming market launch timeline.

This event was naturally the next step in fostering a professional relationship between Infinity Angel and Huobi NFT, bringing more practical benefits to both parties.

The AMA session promised a reward of a grand prize pool of $100 worth of $ING tokens to be given to the ten best participants in the Quiz.

🎉We say thank you to all who participated and contributed. If you took part in the AMA Quiz, you could be a winner! Kindly check and confirm your wallet address in the link down 👇

Winners QUIZ

Congratulations once again to the winners!!!

Join our communities for the chance to participate in the next quiz and stand a chance to become the next winners!

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