Huobi NFT welcomes Infinity Angel and MKGAMEZIN to AMA

HuobiNFT will be hosting an AMA session on their telegram channel with Infinity Angel and a special guest, Mr. Ahn Hee Chan, who is the CEO of MKGAMEZIN.

The AMA session will simply create an avenue where issues about the project, P2E, and the future of GameFi will be extensively discussed, as well as the announcement of the blockchain gaming market launch timeline.

This event is naturally the next step in the process of fostering a professional relationship between Infinity Angel and Huobi NFT, bringing more practical benefits to both parties.

The AMA session promises to be rewarding with a grand prize pool of $100 worth of $ING tokens to be given out to the ten best participants in the Quiz.

⏰ | 10 A.M UTC

🗓️ | Tuesday, June 7, 2022

🏠 |

Note: The Quiz will be held at the official Angel infinity Telegram group 👇

📝Come join us and invite your friends as well to not miss out on this.

About Huobi NFT 

Huobi NFT is the result of Huobi’s robust ecology. Huobi NFT will join Infinity Angel in the next p, conquering each major milestone in the common goal that both of them aim for, thanks to its existing experience and reputation in the cryptocurrency industry.

About Infinity Angel 

Infinity Angel is a MOBA that incorporates Korean Play-to-Earn concepts. Players use their Angel NFT in a variety of ways in a world of spectacular 3D graphics, from donning powerful weapons or unique costumes in fierce combat to competing against one another for rewards. At Marketplace, NFT products can be traded, bought, and sold.


MKGAMEZIN is a game media company owned by Maekyung Media Group, a significant Korean economic and financial media conglomerate. MKGAMEZIN has long been one of the leading Korean media firms in a variety of industries since its inception, and with Infinity Angel, it has officially entered the expanding blockchain gaming market.

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