[Announcement] Infinity Angel announces a strategic partnership with Easy Trading and Six Investment

Infinity Angel informs users about reaching an agreement to cooperate with Easy Trading and Six Investment as strategic partners to bring the Infinity Angel gaming brand closer to the Gamefi community, thereby pushing the limits of blockchain gaming and metaverse interoperability.

Easy Trading and Six Investment are crypto-gamefi investment research and marketing units with great potential, owning a blockchain game community that develops towards great experiences in the vast Gamefi world.

This partnership is geared towards specific values ​​such as:

※ Leveraging on the strength of its existing community and user base, Easy Trading and Six Investment bring Infinity Angel closer to potential Play-to-Earn game players and investors.

※ Through cooperation with Infinity Angel, Easy Trading and Six Investment have a solid market share in Gamefi, becoming the center providing features that connect games, investors and especially game players.

Through a long-term partnership, Infinity Angel, Easy Trading and Six Investment together help build a unique game world that brings lasting value to the crypto game ecosystem, thereby contributing to building a larger blockchain world.

🏆 Introduction to Easy Trading 🏆

Easy Trading is a strong business, research and communication team of senior members specializing in Fundraising, Community Building, Marketing Services, Trading Signals in crypto and blockchain technology. Over 8 years of operation and development, Easy Trading has researched, supported and connected with thousands of investors and cryptocurrency projects.

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🏆 Introduction to Six Investment 🏆

Six Investment is a promising Crypto – Gamefi – Gameguild investment community in Vietnam. With the goal of developing towards the benefit of the community, protecting the interests of users, Six Investment builds a healthy community, promising to bring individuals who are passionate about crypto and gamefi the most ideal investment environment.

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🏆 Introducing the game Infinity Angel 🏆

Infinity Angel is an AA game from Korea, with the playing genre is the horizontal screen MOBA focusing on PVP and E-sport in addition to the PVE game mode of the Endless RPG genre. With a diverse costume system of more than 100 sets of each character and minions, in addition to the variety of tactics that can be combined from the passive skills of the skin/minion is a highlight of the game.

Any user from individual to business can easily to buy, sell and trade their NFT. In the beautiful 3D Infinity Angel graphics world, players can use their NFT Angels in a variety of ways, from equipping them with powerful weapons or unique outfits in fiery, competitive battles with each other to get NFT items that can be exchanged and traded according to P2E criteria.

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