Alpha Version 1 – Become testers with Leaderboard Race

💎 Infinity Angel Alpha version 1 open 🎉

Thank you for always supporting Infinity Angel. We’re happy to announce Infinity Angel’s next proud milestone.

Open Alpha version 1 with:

👉 PVE.

👉 Boss Raid.

🏆 “Become testers with Leaderboard Race” event 🏆

We want members of the Infinity Angel community to be the first to join this experience with us. We invited 500 testers to test Infinity Angel Alpha Version 1.

Time to test link

From 06:00 on May 17, 2022 to 06:00 on May 21, 2022 (UTC).

📌 Note: Testers received the APK link from [email protected] Please check email if you have not received the test link.

What’s interesting about the event

Users who join test Alpha Version with the highest state level have the opportunity to receive whitelist rewards.

📌 Note: Alpha Version 1 is for testing only. User data and ratings etc. will be reset when the final version is released.

🔺 Condition 🔺

Members when completing the test take a screenshot of the highest state level achieved and fill in the form:

🎁 Rewards 🎁

Top 50 Alpha Version 1 testers with the highest state level will receive 50 NFT Whitelist.

Time to announce the whitelist reward list

06:00 on June 3, 2022 (UTC).

⚠️ Terms & Conditions ⚠️

  • Alpha Version 1 available for APK (Android), we will update for iOS as soon as possible.
  • Please fill out the registration form and attatch the image with high level in Alpha Version 1 to have a chance to get reward.
  • Users play more, the higher the chances of winning.
  • We value honesty during testing. Any act of using bots or fake accounts, at the end of the event will be removed from the reward list.
  • Please provide the correct Alpha Version 1 registration information because a member can only register once. After the event, any claim about event attendance information will not be supported.

🌟 Introduction to Infinity Angel 🌟

Infinity Angel is an AA game from Korea, with the playing genre is the horizontal screen MOBA focusing on PVP and E-sport in addition to the PVE game mode of the Endless RPG genre. With a diverse costume system of more than 100 sets of each characters and minions, in addition to the variety of tactics that can be combined from the passive skills of the skin/minion is a highlight of the game.

Any user from individual to business can easily to buy, sell and trade their NFT. In the beautiful 3D Infinity Angel graphics world, players can use their NFT Angels in a variety of ways, from equipping them with powerful weapons or unique outfits in fiery, competitive battles with each other to get NFT items that can be exchanged and traded according to P2E criteria.

⛔️ Risk warning ⛔️

  • Due to the nature of the project, the event schedule may change, cancel or end earlier than expected. In the event of a change or cancellation, we will notify you soon.
  • We assume that event participants understand and anticipate market fluctuations and are fully responsible for market changes.
  • Infinity Angel reserves the right to reserve all final decisions of the entire project.

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