A Guide to Infinity Angel Error Issues

Hello, this is Infinity Angel team.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to users due to the many errors currently occurring as we are working round the clock to mitigate them.

About the Current Problem

Contents that are not currently reflected in NFT in IN GAME
(From October 15 to resolution / During the period of the problem, R.I Lab participants are not included [Can be identified by history])

Compensation Plan

We will compensate you for the average INC for each angel tier you have.

People who can’t stake R.I Labs
(Average INC rewards for each tier from October 15th until resolved)

Tofu empty box, air drop (tier1 angel, INC, ING)
(After sharing data by Monday, October 17 being today, we will Pay by 5pm on Tuesday, October 18)

Has the NFT changed? : We will deal with it after we understand it.

Most of the users who did not receive the airdrop did not link their Metamask to the Infinity Angel website.
If there are users who have not linked MetaMask to the official website of Infinity Angel, please do so.
We will prepare the second delivery by Monday.

The situation where NFT is not visible in IN GAME has been identified as an API interworking problem. We will solve it soon. If the NFT in the homepage is confirmed, you will soon be able to check the nft in IN GAME. Please wait for further notice

We have opened a new ticket page. Please contact us at #🎫║ticket-anyting on our discord.

Know more about us on:

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@infinityangelofficial